Travesty Must End!

Friends of Maple Pool post this statement by Mr. Coulson in conformity with our commitment to post all statements and materials of any kind, whether pro or con, which pertain to our basic mission:  to save Maple Pool and terminate the ill-advised, illegitimate, and wasteful lawsuit against the Lin family by a City Council which recognizes no accountability to the Courtenay electors.

There has been some concern expressed that the inclusion of the FOMP website at the top of the second page of Mr. Coulson’s article implies that this message was initiated by or sent from FOMP or that FOMP is working with Mr. Coulson.  That is not the case.

FOMP is a loosely organized group of Comox Valley residents, from across the political spectrum, who have come together to advocate for a single cause: the right of Maple Pool residents to continue their lives in the safe and affordable shelters Maple Pool provides. 

We agree with Mr. Coulson’s statement about Maple Pool.  

However, FOMP is not involved in any way with issues surrounding the granting of development permits and takes no position on the merits of any particular development proposal before the Council now or in the future.  Totally united in our opposition to the persecution of Maple Pool, we suspect that there is a wide range of divergent opinion amongst our membership when it comes to all issues relating to building and development in our community. 


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