Courtenay Mayor Larry Jangula re-elected, but just two councillors keep seats

The Maple Pool campground zoning issue appeared to be the deciding factor in who got elected — or not — in Courtenay on Saturday.

Incumbent Mayor Larry Jangula defeated challenger Jon Ambler by 3,483 votes to 2,502.

Jangula said he believed his stand on the Maple Pool issue — plus a lot of door-knocking and hard work — brought him victory.

Just about the entire Courtenay council, though, was wiped out.

Doug Hillian and Manno Theos were the only two incumbents returned.

They’ll be joined by newcomers David Frisch, Bob Wells, Rebecca Lennox and Erik Eriksson (who was a councillor some terms ago).

Incumbents Starr Winchester and Bill Anglin were not returned.

Mayor Jangula, who is to the right on fiscal issues and taxation, could have his hands full with this council, who are all, except for Manno Theos, firmly to the left.

A non-binding referendum on paying to help the homeless through an increase in property taxation, was overwhelmingly in favour of the highest level — $10 per year — with 2,444 votes. The $0 option got 1,588 votes while the $5 option got 1,275.

In the school board race, incumbent Janice Caton was returned in Courtenay, but not Donna Gambacorta.

Newcomer Cliff Boldt, a retired teacher, will take her spot.

Here are the unofficial election results:

Larry Jangula 3,483
Jon Ambler 2,502


David Frisch 3,671
Manno Theos 3,033
Bob Wells 2,985
Rebecca Lennox 2,835
Doug Hillian 2,592
Erik Eriksson 2,448

Not elected
Starr Winchester 2,338
Bill Anglin 1,900
Marcus Felgenhauer 1,800
Dan Doerksen 1,722
George Knox 1,452
Terry Chaney 1,351
Stu McInnis 1,196

School Board

Janice Caton 2,265
Cliff Boldt 1,784

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