Letters to the Editor

Still no accountability for Maple Pool lawsuit

posted Nov 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM Dear editor, I would like to thank the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce for facilitating a very informative all-candidates meeting on Nov. 5. As a new resident of Courtenay, it allowed me to ask some questions and to meet the candidates face to face. Having followed the Maple Pool issue in the media, I was pleased to see that all candidates are in favour of ending the legal action and seeking a kinder, more thoughtful resolution. However, considering the cost to taxpayers and the disruption of the lives of the residents of Maple Pool, I was disappointed that not one of the incumbents, at least four of who had to have voted in favour of this legal action, did not think it necessary to apologize for this mistake and merely acted as though they were not part of this decision. Perhaps it is time for Courtenay residents to select some new councillors who are willing to be accountable for their actions. Heather Bould... read more

Have Your Say: Nov. 6

Have your say: Nov. 6 posted Nov 5, 2014 at 11:00 AM It’s time we stopped using the term “Shoplifting” and call it what it is – it’s stealing – a serious offence – not a game to try to get away with. Most of us know that businesses, large and small, invest in goods in order to make a profit. Their overhead costs include rent, utilities, administration, employee wages and taxes etc. When a business suffers losses from stealing, it has to compensate in order to stay in business and continue to make a profit. So we, the public, all suffer. Stealing is a huge problem in our society. The statistics are frightening, and this has a drastic effect on our local economy causing effected stores to increase prices, delay their staff’s deserved raises, drop or reduce bonuses, down-size staff, and lose healthy profits. So let’s face the facts and get real. Congratulations to the many candidates who have stepped up to run for Courtenay council. It would seem that this interest has been sparked by the obvious need for change fuelled by the many debacles that arose over the last three years. I would submit that those issues are only the symptoms of the real problem. That problem is that for some time now the city hall administration has been theoretically making the decisions for the city. This was accomplished by the fact that when a decision was required council would task the bureaucrats with the gathering the pertinent information and suggesting a proposal and then the council would take the easy way out and rubber stamp... read more

Beefs and Bouquets,

Comox Valley Echo August 22, 2014 08:17 AM BEEF to the local politicians who are suggesting taxing us on our property taxes for the homeless? Don’t get me wrong, it is an important problem, but the real problem is the money-wasting politicians who are trying to make people homeless. Over the last 10 years dating back to Greg Phelps mayor’s taskforce that did nothing for the homeless to the most over-priced, useless property purchase and then the alleged sale to the city of Courtenay with a cash bonus from the regional district that was supposed to be for a homeless shelter – NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE FOR THE HOMELESS. About 2 million dollars has been spent on committee after committee and no shelter. Can we even begin to trust the same old politicians who only want to do things behind closed doors? I think not. Maybe we need to put this out for referendum. NO MORE IN CAMERA MEETINGS SO EVERYONE IN THE COMOX VALLEY IS INFORMED AS TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENS! Or they can just keep spending our hard earned tax dollars trying to evict the residents of Maple Pool making more homeless people to count, CAN WE TRUST THEM? Is there a politician out there that would agree to no in camera meetings. I highly doubt it. If you agree with me or not one thing is very clear, the local politicians cannot be trusted with our tax dollars.   BIG LOAD OF BULL MANURE to the C.V. Regional District Board of Directors. Their pending referendum asking for funding to tackle homelessness, is designed to fail and... read more

City council fooling no one with its Maple Pool olive branch

posted Aug 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM Dear editor, So the City is “surprised” at the less than enthusiastic reception their eleventh hour “peace plan” (designed to save their hides in November) received from Friends of Maple Pool! I would have been surprised had the Friends responded in any other way.  Apparently our “Council of Maple Fools” thinks we voters are the real fools. They have never taken a constructive step on Maple Pool over the past four years.  Now, just as we are about to go into the November elections, they suddenly want to extend an olive branch. But with no guarantees and many open exit doors for them to escape through after the election. The re-zoning process will take until well after the election and may not be approved; there may be a problem with building codes, etc.  Nothing is certain, but trust us until after the election and our behaviour will be totally different over the next four years from what it has been over the last four! Yeah, right! Harry Koivisto... read more

Living on flood plains not a concern in Lower Mainland communities

Dear editor, It is nice to be home and once again be regaled by the local papers regarding the antics of the Courtenay council and their continued “fight/plight” with Maple Pool Park. You “gotta” hand it to those councillors and their continued concern regarding former homeless people living in trailers, on “flood plain”. Now in Vancouver, no such “concern”. The July 5, 2014 edition of the Vancouver Sun reports: “Some of the most expensive and densely developed land in Vancouver has been designated as flood plain, including significant areas around False Creek, a new map issued by the city Thursday, reveals.” Courtenay councillors should be rushing to Vancouver to inform them of the dangers of this type of thing. They are spending hard-come-by tax dollars to ensure trailers for former homeless be removed from that type of land; surely Vancouver council ought to be doing the same. The City of Vancouver’s solution: issuing bylaw amendments requiring future buildings to be raised approximately one metre. Oh, and yes, they will keep building. Various publications during the time informed the following areas had no dyke protection at all: Burrard Inlet, Coal Harbour, English Bay, False Creek, Spanish Banks, Mud Bay, Howe Sound. Areas which had dykes but required upgrades included all communities along the Fraser River, i.e.  Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, New Westminster. Are these communities attempting to remove anyone from their homes? Are these councils taking landowners to court to remove their homes? No. Not only are no “moves” being made by councils; developers are continuing to build and develop some of the most expensive homes in the world. I would suggest Courtenay council rush over to the Lower Mainland and explain... read more