Living on flood plains not a concern in Lower Mainland communities

Dear editor,

It is nice to be home and once again be regaled by the local papers regarding the antics of the Courtenay council and their continued “fight/plight” with Maple Pool Park.

You “gotta” hand it to those councillors and their continued concern regarding former homeless people living in trailers, on “flood plain”. Now in Vancouver, no such “concern”. The July 5, 2014 edition of the Vancouver Sun reports:

“Some of the most expensive and densely developed land in Vancouver has been designated as flood plain, including significant areas around False Creek, a new map issued by the city Thursday, reveals.”

Courtenay councillors should be rushing to Vancouver to inform them of the dangers of this type of thing. They are spending hard-come-by tax dollars to ensure trailers for former homeless be removed from that type of land; surely Vancouver council ought to be doing the same.

The City of Vancouver’s solution: issuing bylaw amendments requiring future buildings to be raised approximately one metre. Oh, and yes, they will keep building.

Various publications during the time informed the following areas had no dyke protection at all: Burrard Inlet, Coal Harbour, English Bay, False Creek, Spanish Banks, Mud Bay, Howe Sound.

Areas which had dykes but required upgrades included all communities along the Fraser River, i.e.  Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, New Westminster.

Are these communities attempting to remove anyone from their homes? Are these councils taking landowners to court to remove their homes? No. Not only are no “moves” being made by councils; developers are continuing to build and develop some of the most expensive homes in the world.

I would suggest Courtenay council rush over to the Lower Mainland and explain to them all the dangers they face and how they can get with the agenda and attempt to force people out of their homes.

Oh, right, all those homeowners on the Lower Mainland are millionaires by virtue of owning these homes. Here in Courtenay, not so much.  Does make me wonder though.

E. A. Foster



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