November 12, 2014 Press Release

Following a successful peaceful march on city hall yesterday the Friends of Maple Pool are now releasing the names of those candidates in the upcoming Courtenay municipal election who have committed to end the Maple Pool lawsuit.

Spokesperson Dick Clancy said that the outpouring of support from the community sends a clear message to the soon to be elected council that they have a clear mandate to end the lawsuit.

The Friends of Maple Pool asked each candidate to choose between committing to pursue the lawsuit and the eviction of the Maple Pool residents or to commit to vote to permanently stop the city’s legal action to close down Maple Pool campsite and evict its residents. All candidates were advised that their response to the questions that were posed may be made public.

The following candidates answered the specific questions that were asked and made the commitment to vote to end the lawsuit:

  • Incumbent Candidates: Mayor Larry Jangula and Councillor Manno Theos.
  • Non-incumbent Candidates: Terry Chaney, Bob Wells, Dan Doerkson, Stu McInnis, Erik Eriksson, David Frisch and George Knox.

The Friends of Maple Pool organization is comprised of community members who come from right across the political spectrum.

We do not endorse any particular candidate but we are making public the names of those candidates who have committed to ending the lawsuit.

For a full list of Candidates positions please look under the Elections 2014 tab above.

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