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We are a group of Courtenay voters united by a common conviction that the legal persecution of Maple Pool and its residents by Courtenay City Council is perverse, morally reprehensible, and fundamentally contrary to the interests of this community. It is also a gross and inexcusable waste of the taxpayers’ money. Learn more about us in our Mission Statement >>

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Morning of Thursday December 11, 2014

Thursday morning. The flood event is over. Roads are being opened and the city is returning to normal. The photos you will see on the timeline below were taken during the event with every effort being made to record the events in an accurate and impartial manner. Nothing has been withheld. The green portion is 22 inches in height from the ground. The yellow portion is 12 inches in height During the “near flood” that was alleged by the city in 2011 the water never reached the bottom of this...

Morning of December 10, 2014

Wednesday morning random photos of the campground. Dali Lin was called before daybreak and he reported that all the water had gone...

Morning of Tuesday December 9, 2014

Tuesday morning. December 9th, 2014 Photos of the lower (unoccupied) level at the north west end of the campground next to the river. These photos were taken while standing on the last block of the Mike Hamilton...

Wednesday December 10, 2014

Wednesday 4:30 PM. It was reported that Hydro had no control on the water release. Portions of the city were under an evacuation order. Maple pool was under and an evacuation...