Quotations From Chairman Ambler

Quotations From Chairman Ambler


On voting for a 20% pay increase for municipal directors, on a motion moved by him, at the Regional District:

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

“If you think $600 will fill my pockets, it won’t.”


In response to angry taxpayers when he pushed through a motion to allow “any Council member that is willing and able to participate and travel to all such conferences”:

“There are people in this community who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”


On using a $1M federal grant for the $5.4M recreation center renovation:

“What the staff is proposing to do is something I love to see them do, and that’s spend other people’s money.”


On justifying why Courtenay needs to build a new $2.5M fire training center when one already exists just 10 minutes away in Comox:

“It’s going to be a completely different facility. It’s sort of like when you have hockey skills camp-there’s one for shooting, one for skating but you need a place to have practice or play shinny with the entire team.”


  1. Again taking the worst possible interpretation of the remarks. Jon has a sense of humour that is obviously not shared by whoever posted these.
    By only posting Jon’s comments you are definitely pursuing a personal agenda. Where are the remarks from the rest of council? Jon can’t be the only one who has an opinion on these issues.
    Other interpretations:
    1. 20% pay increase- We wish to attract people with a special skill set. We don’t do this to get rich, but better compensation for their time and expenses are needed.
    2. Price of everything value of nothing:
    Focusing only on the costs without considering the non-financial benefits of something is not any better than not looking at costs at all.
    3. Federal Grant money:
    The Federal Government is giving us this money. Let’s put it to good use. We have projects that can benefit the community in this category.
    4. Fire Training Central
    The Comox Valley is unique because of it’s geography. Spreading out services mean that in event of a disaster we have more flexibility to get to different areas in the event that the bridges and roads are destroyed by a disaster. We can also train more people with more space.
    This is what I think when I see these comments. Of course I could be accused of thinking the best. If I have a choice I would rather think the best than the worst.

  2. Also on comment 2: Education should be for anyone. Should being on council mean they should be denied the opportunity to go?


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