Some interesting things in the last issue of the Record prior to the civic election.

Firstly a statement on the front page attributed to incumbent Councillor Hillian who states “Unfortunately, this issue has been politicized”. My comment to this is that elected officials have been voting to pursue this unfair and unpopular lawsuit and now we are in the final days before the election. An election is where the voters decide to keep incumbents thus endorsing their actions while in office, or vote in new community leaders. It is nice that at least we have acknowledgement from an incumbent that the Maple Pool issue is, in fact, an issue in this election. We had heard previously that some incumbents held the belief that Maple Pool would not be an issue.

It is encouraging that our caring community has finally come to the attention of at least three incumbents.
Councillor Starr Winchester is quoted in the article as stating that she “concurs that “vulnerable” members of the community have been used as a “political football”. Our mission statement on our website is very clear.

“We are a group of Courtenay voters united by a common conviction that the legal persecution of Maple Pool and its residents by Courtenay City Council is perverse, morally reprehensible, and fundamentally contrary to the interests of this community. It is also a gross and inexcusable waste of the taxpayers’ money. ………..we come from right across the political spectrum. We would disagree amongst ourselves on many other issues. But we are all convinced that this indefensible four year legal vendetta against some of Courtenay’s most vulnerable citizens, together with the ongoing harassment of and defamation against two of Courtenay’s most civic-minded and selfless citizens, constitutes the single most important issue facing this community.”

This community is fully aware that we, as a group, have among other things, lobbied city hall to promote a resolution, solicited responses from all candidates as to their position on ending or continuing the lawsuit, put those responses to our very direct questions out to the public domain, worked at bringing the facts of this issue to the attention of the community. Mike Hamilton, a member of our group, did considerable work at the site with heavy equipment, out of his own pocket, to address the safety concerns that have been expressed. Other members of our group have, without fanfare, prepared food for the residents of Maple Pool, donated a RV for their use, donated seafood to the Lins and started the Maple Pool Defence Fund. None of us have been undertaking these efforts with any expectation of personal or political gain.
If I, personally, were a candidate I would not state on the front page of the paper that this group is using the vulnerable members of the community as a political football if for nothing else, fear of a backlash from the electorate. But, that is only my personal opinion. How Ms. Winchester runs her campaign is her business.
Later in this same issue of the Record is Mike Hamilton’s full page ad stating the frustration and roadblocks that he is encountering at city hall in his ongoing efforts to use his resources and expertise to bring about a resolution.

Dick Clancy

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  1. Thank you for your website and thank you for what you are doing for the Maple Pool campsite owners, residents and the community. Your website is very informative and I hope this situation is resolved in the near future. As for the election, I am using the C.V. Record website and, unfortunately, I cannot choose 6 new councillors, as some hopefuls refused to answer ANY questions put forward to them. I would like a new slate of councillors for the next term. As for mayor, I am sorry that no one came forward who wasn’t already on council in the past. I hope for the best for Courtenay in the next 4 years.


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