Unpublished letters to the Editor

Unpublished letters to the Editor


Ambler Response

I can’t help but respond to Mr. Ambler’s misleading comments made in the paper on October 14th that “they (the electorate) can choose the old guard, that’s been there 15 years and got us where we got us, or it’s time for new leadership.”

Mr. Ambler, you ARE the old guard that “got us where we got us”! You have served on council for 6 years.

Your “leadership” resulted not only in the waste of $70,000 on a study for a wooden bicycle bridge that will never be built but also facilitated the bicycle lobby with “expert support” from City staff.

You tabled a motion and voted in favour of a motion “to send any Council member that is willing and able to participate to all such conferences”.  And when outraged citizens and taxpayers spoke out your public response was that “There are people in this community who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” You “led the charge” for huge wage increases for Regional District Directors, a position you have held as a representative of our City. Your public justification was “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

You shunned the Mayor’s proposal to create a Financial Advisory Committee at no cost to the City or its taxpayers. A committee that would provide valuable professional input and insight to City staff and Council. And your response? The proposal was “just window dressing which doesn’t meet anyone’s needs.”

And finally, although you refuse to state your public position on Maple Pool, one can only assume that you are very much part of the council coalition to evict the 57 residents of Maple Pool, which is responsible for spending upwards of $200,000 of taxpayer’s money on litigation against the Lins and their vulnerable residents not to mention the very real possibility of a two or three million dollar lawsuit by the Lins and residents if the City actually wins!

Yes, Mr. Ambler, you very much are why we “got us where we got us.”

I’ll be voting for change and I`ll be voting for proven leadership. Leadership that was earned, not appointed. Leadership based on hard work, strong principles and compassion for the City and its residents. Leadership that respects taxpayers and is dedicated to transparency at City Hall.

I`ll be voting for Larry Jangula and a NEW council that will provide our community with a bright and prosperous future. A future that doesn`t include the Council of Maple Fools.

G. Findlay



An anonymous letter sent to “Beefs and Bouquets,” never printed.

In an October 16th newspaper article described as “Submitted”,  Mr. Ambler expounds on his self-professed leadership qualities. Isn’t this the same Jon Ambler who as councillor found a reason to be absent from a crucial council meeting to vote on the future of the homeless shelter site fiasco? And isn’t this the same Jon Ambler who in the 11th hour of a critical vote to approve the new hospital site so our Valley would get a much needed new hospital, found it necessary to recuse himself from the council meeting and did not cast a vote? Is that the kind of so called “leadership” we want for our city? Not me. I’ll be voting to return a proven leader for mayor, Larry Jangula.


Ambler on Cronyism

I was shocked to read Mr. Ambler’s comments concerning the mayor’s Finance Committee and his suggestion of cronyism concerning certain members that would comprise the committee,  CA’s or CGA’s. Those professionals are  bound by a very strict code of ethics contained in the 43 page ICABC “Rules of Conduct” document. It is most unfortunate that Mr. Ambler would attempt to use that reason to justify his decision not to support a great concept. Furthermore he stated that these people “would need to be trained, which takes staff time”. Are you kidding me? What training would these professionals need to work with the City’s financial matters that they don’t already possess. This is the same Jon Ambler that, as councillor, tabled a motion, which passed,  to dedicate the City’s staff, engineering and planning departments to assist the bicycle bridge coalition in their quest to build a wooden bicycle bridge at taxpayer’s expense.

R. McIntosh



Ambler on Volunteering

I read with interest Mr. Ambler’s rationale for reversing his earlier decision not to seek re-election. After attending a volunteer appreciation dinner Mr. Ambler states “All those volunteers, giving so much to our community, reminded me that my duty is not yet done.” Mr. Ambler apparently is confused between volunteering and being paid. As a Courtenay City Councillor, in 2013, Mr. Ambler earned $21,190.00 plus expenses of $6,245.00. As the city’s representative and Director on the Regional District Board, Mr. Ambler earned $17,441.00 plus expenses of $1,412.00. That totals $46,288.00. All of this in addition to the salary he earns as a “contractor” at the Comox Air force Museum “managing the volunteers”. We should also remember that the position Mr. Ambler is seeking in this election is mayor. That would provide him with a very handsome sum of $49,291.00 plus expenses. And if successful in his election bid he would presumably once again wish to become a director at the Regional District. Late in 2012, Mr. Ambler voted in favour of dramatically increasing director salaries and that will take effect after this election. It only passed by one vote. We all have great admiration for those that “volunteer” to make our community a better place and for those that are the less fortunate and needy. I am afraid Mr. Ambler’s concept of “volunteer” does not quite qualify. If he’s so touched by our Valley’s volunteers he should try it sometime.

J. McIntosh


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  1. I’ve been finding it extremely frustrating to read the comments on this site. I am a volunteer who has been “managed” by Jon Ambler and it hurts me very much to see how he is being portrayed because of this disagreement. The people at the museum gave me a chance to grow and evolve and Jon’s support and mentorship, not to mention his support in sending volunteers on educational conferences, have all contributed to my personal growth. I have several personal issues which I don’t care to go into here, but without Jon and the museum’s support I would be still stuck at home with no one willing to give me a chance to prove myself.
    I understand the pain of the Lin’s to find themselves on the end of the lawsuit and have great respect for their goodness in trying to help the people at Maple Pool, but I think that these “Friends” have stood in the way of actually getting this problem resolved. In order to solve a problem you have to be willing to compromise, which doesn’t seem possible when the Friends reject every offering the city has made and continues to be more interested in character assassination than with actual progress.
    I hope that once this election is over, no matter who wins, that the Friends of Maple Pool will actually work with the council and find a solution.
    Again, I have nothing but respect for the Lin’s but I also have respect for Jon Ambler. I don’t think the two have to be mutually exclusive.
    Good Luck to you all.


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